The Logo

  • The logo reflects our passion to move beyond our traditional strongholds and discover the bounties of the wide world beyond (it is not contained by a rectangular box which was there in the old design; it does have a red background as a highlighter)

  • It signifies  more vibrant, dynamic, youthful persona with a flexible attitude- ready to Adapt and Change

  • The font makes it contemporary and imparts a 'strength' which makes it stands apart in a clutter.

The Elements

  • Red -dynamic, powerful, strong, eye catching, innovative.a leader

  • The curves-creativity, flexibility, customization for customers

  • The 'X' factor -infinity, limitless, boundless

The Grid

  • Along with the logo, the identity also comprises of a 'Grid' - which could be seen in all of INTEX communications.

  • In the grid, there is a reflection of ‘infinity’ (derived from the letter ‘x’ in the logo) – a boundless and limitless hunger for expansion in reach, in consumer base, in product range, technology world, and presence across borders.

Brand Initiatives

Our aim, through media buying and planning is to create an year round impact and enhance the visibility of the brand. The strategies are derived post analyzing the health of the brand every 6 months. The main media vehicle (apart from TV media) is Print. Advertisements in leading dailies are released by taking exclusive properties. FM, Billboards and online initiatives are used as secondary medium to influx sales and enhance recall. We do plan and execute lot of retail exercises like Facia, In-shop branding etc. to push decision making & purchase process at retail. Along with this, participation in exhibitions and other BTL activities like business development meets are always high on agenda. PR activations in business, mainlines, TV channels, regional media and IT, trade & channel media are also initiated on a regular basis keeping in mind the product road map and larger strategies of the company. All plans and initiatives are executed through a rigorous process to ensure accountability for all marketing spend. Over the years, our growth journey has been recognized by many IT & channel magazines and journals. Some of the highlights of past two years are -
  • Mr Narendra Bansal, CMD, Intex Technologies conferred with lifetime achievement award by Digital Terminal Magazine in 2013 for being the torch bearer of the IT Industry and his huge contribution towards it.

  • Best Multimedia Speakers brand by Digital Terminal Magazine, June 2013

  • Best Wireless keyboard and Mouse by Digital Terminal Magazine, June 2013

  • Fastest growing Indian IT Company, Best Multimedia Speakers and Best value for money branded UPS by NCN Magazine, May 2013

  • Ranked 84th amongst the 200 fastest growing IT companies (both hardware and software), annual survey, DataQuest, July, 2012

  • A score of 9 (out of 10) for INTEX Android Tablet “i-Tab” by PC Quest( April 2012)

  • A score of 3.5 (out of 5) for INTEX Sound Bar Marvel 250 by India Today Gadget &Gizmos Magazine (April, 2012)

  • A score of 8 (out of 10) for INTEX AVATAR Mobile Phone by Rajiv Makhni on the popular show- Cell- Guru- aired on NDTV Profit, NDTV 24*7 & NDTV India (Feb, 2012).