Customer Care
Trouble Shooting (IT Accessories)
Fax Modem Internal
Q - What do I check if my computer system is not able to detect the Modem?
A -
  • Check PCI slot. Insert the modem card properly into the PCI slot.
  • Clean the pin connector of modem card and reinsert in the PCI Slot.
  • Check if modem driver is installed properly.
  • Use correct driver for installation.
  • Un-install the old drivers and install Modem again.
  • Check the modem card and insert it properly in PCI Slot
  • Check the telephone Line connectivity
  • Check the RJ 11 connector.
  • Check Telephone number of Internet service provider.
Q - Why am I not able to install the Modem though the Computer has detected it?
A -
  • Check the modem card and insert it properly into the PCI Slot.
  • Ensure the correct drivers are installed.
  • Un-install the old drivers before installing the correct driver.
Q - I am not getting any dial tone. What could be the reason?
A - Check the telephone connection attached to modem it may be faulty.

Q - Why am I getting "query.. error" during installation?
A -
  • Please uninstall existing modem drivers before installing the driver.
  • Ensure you are using the correct driver and its path at the time of installation.
Q - The communications software displays, "No Dial tone." What could be the reason?
A - Make sure that your phone cable is working properly and that it is firmly seated to the phone socket in the phone jack at the rear panel of the modem.

Q - My modem is a 56K. But why is the speed slow when I connect to the Internet?
A - The current copper wired telephone lines are limited only to about 53K. If you are connected only to 33.6 or 28.8K, check if your modem is compatible with the modem used by your ISP.

Q - Ethernet LAN card is installed, but why is there no data transfer?
A -
  • Check the connector pins and clean them if require
  • Is your modem set up to run at full speed?
  • What's the maximum speed your ISP allows?
  • Check if your telephone connectivity is OK.
Speaker and Multimedia Speaker

2.0 Speaker: 320W, 350W, 440W, 455W

Q - Why is set not powering "ON"? What could be the reason?
A - Check the Mains Power plug point.

Q -Why only one channel is working?
A - Check if the audio input cable (stereo jack) is fixed firmly in the socket. It should be connected properly.

Q - Why I am getting a jarring sound, at high volume?
A - Reduce the input volume

Q - Why is sound not coming from the speakers?
A - Check if the audio input cable is connected properly. Also check volume control position.

Sub-Woofer System (2.1, 4.1): 880W, 980W, 1400W, 2000W, 2100W, 2600W, 3000W, 2400W with FM.

Q - Why there is no power and the set appears dead?.
A - Check Power plug points & front panel switch. It must be on.

Q - Why only one channel is working?
A - Check if the audio in put cable is fixed firmly in the socket, source audio out put. It should be connected properly. Check balance control position in case of 3000W. It should be in the middle position.

Q - Why there is jarring sound coming at high volume?
A - Reduce the input volume

Q - Why there is no sound coming from the set? What could be the reason?
A - Check if the audio cable is connected properly. Also check volume control position.

Q - FM is not working properly in model 2400W with FM, what could be the cause?
A - Change the direction of the antenna and check.

Sub-woofer System (5.1): 4000W SB, 4000W super, 4000W Elegant, 4000W Harmony, 4800W, 4900W, 5800W, 6800W, 8800W

Q - Why there is no power? What could be the reason?
A - Check Mains Power Plug points & front panel switch. It must be on.

Q - Sound not coming, what could be the reason?
A -
  • Check the status of system.
  • It should not be in standby mode.
  • Check if the audio in put cable is fixed to the audio source.
  • Check volume control.
Q - Why does the remote control not working?
A -
  • Check the battery condition. It must be inserted in correct polarity as indicated.
  • If polarity is OK or the remote not used for a long time then replace all the cells.
Q - Why are only some channel not working
A -
  • For 2.1 version players or sound card, select Aux/Stereo through remote or panel as per system facility.
  • For 5.1 Version Players or 6 channel sound card, select AC3 / 5.1 through remote or panel.
  • Check if the audio out cable is connected to speaker socket in proper condition.
  • Check the input source audio cables for the proper connectivity.
Q - Why I am not able to get the 5.1 Surround effect?
A - Please check
  • DVD disc should be of 5.1 Channel sound recording.
  • DVD Player must have 5.1 audio outputs.
  • Setting of DVD player must be at 5.1 Channel
DVD Player
Q - What could be the reason for "No Power" in the DVD?
A -
  • Check if the AC power cord is properly connected.
  • Check ON/OFF switch.
Q - Why I am not able to receive any picture when I play the DVD?
A -
  • Check if the Video cables are connected properly.
  • Refer to your TV manual for correct "video-in" channel selection.
Q - Why do I get distorted pictures?
A -
  • Check the disc for fingerprints / scratches and wipe the disc with soft clean cloth.
  • Connect DVD player directly to the TV. Make sure the disc is compatible with the DVD player.
  • Ensure that the DVD player's TV type (aspect ratio) is set to match that of the TV.
Q - What could be the reason for "No Sound" or distorted sound?
A -
  • Adjust the volume
  • Check that the speakers are connected properly.
  • Check the setting of the DVD player's audio set up.
  • Check if the audio format of the selected audio language matches your receiver capabilities.
Q - Why I am not getting audio from the "Digital Output" connection?
A -
  • Check the digital connections.
  • Check if the audio format of the selected audio language matches your receiver's capabilities.
Q - Why does "No disc" appear on the display when I play a disc?
A -
  • Ensure the disc label is facing up.
  • Check if the disc is defective by trying another disc.
  • Use original CD/DVD/VCD.
  • Play the DVD cleaning disc.
Q - Why is the Remote Control unit not responding?
A -
  • Check the batteries.
  • Direct the remote control towards the sensor at the front of the DVD player.
  • Reduce the distance to the player and the remote.
  • Check the battery polarity and replace is required.
Q - Picture not coming on CRT/TFT monitor (connected with DVD Player with VGA option)
A -
  • Check the monitor if it is power ON.
  • Check if the setting in General set up for Video is at PC-VGA.
CRT Monitor
Q - What is Convergence and Mis - convergence?
A - Convergence is the process by which all three electron beams (R, G, &B) come together and strike at a single spot on the surface of the CRT. Precise convergence is necessary as CRT displays work on the principal of additive coloration. When Red light, Green light, and Blue light are added in equal amounts they will form a white spot or line. The absence of all color makes a black spot or line. Variation of the relative strengths of the R, G, and B electron beams creates color variation. When the individual electron beams (R, G, &B) do not converge perfectly mis-convergence occurs. Mis-convergence can be seen as shadows which appear around text and graphic images. Convergence error can be caused by a Mis-alignment or damaged "shadow mask" of the CRT. Convergence can also be caused due to a defective Deflection Yoke. Since convergence highly depends on the electron beam striking the proper place on the CRT surface, mis-alignment of the Shadow Mask and Deflection Yoke could cause this error.

Q - What is Moire effect?
A - A wavy distortion pattern caused by the interference between the dot pitch of the CRT and the picture signal. This distortion pattern may vary depending on the pattern, screen amplitude, contrast, brightness, and other characteristics of the input signal

Q -What is Non-interlaced Scanning Mode?
A - A system where the scanning in a CRT monitor occurs in a sequential or continuous. System using Non - Interlaced scanning contains One Frame and only one Field. By this we are able to produce a clear and crisp Picture. This also reduces flickering Which is observer in systems using interlace scanning. This is also called Progressive Scanning.

Q - What is DPMS?
A - When in standby mode, the BIOS reduces power consumption, by spinning down hard disc and reducing power to turn off the monitors that comply with Video Electronics Standard Organization (VERA) and Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS). While in standby mode, the system can still respond to external interrupts, such as those from keyboards and mice, fax / modems or network adaptors. For example any activity from the key board or mouse brings the system out of Standby mode and immediately restores power to the monitor.

Q - What is Interlaced Scanning Mode?
A - A system by which a television decodes an image - a frame is broken into two fields, odd (1, 3, 5, 7.) and even (2, 4, 6, 8.). A television will scan 60 fields per second with 30 odd and 30 even fields created. By combining the two fields every 1/30 of a second, a frame is created thus creating 30 frames per second - a standard in television broadcasting
Personal Computer
Q- My computer won't turn on at all, what could be the reason?
A -
  • Check if the power cord and all cables are securely plugged into computer.
  • The power cord is plugged into a grounded outlet.
  • Check whether the power outlet is working properly by plugging another item into it.
Q- When I push one of the special or multimedia buttons on the keyboard, nothing happens, what could be the reason?
A - If your PC is in MS - DOS mode, the multimedia button on the keyboard will not work

Check the button configuration. To reconfigure the button.
  • Click start on the taskbar.
  • Choose programs
  • Choose Intex tools.
  • Click keyboard manager.
  • Ensure to enable the multimedia buttons, and "on - screen" display click box is selected.
  • Click the button to configure.
  • If all the above settings are found Ok, then reinstall the driver provided with the PC system.
  • Insert the driver cd / floppy in the drive
  • Double click on the setup.
  • Unzip the driver by giving the path in to c: / keyboard.
  • The unzipped file automatically convert into the folders of different driver for win98, win2000/XP.
  • Choose the OS and setup again it will reload the driver of the keyboard to operate all the multimedia keys.
  • To reconfigure the search or Internet button, choose type in a website address, and then enter the complete website's URL in the address field.
  • To reconfigure the help button (labeled on some keyboards) or a shortcut button

    Do the following settings.
  • Select an application from the list.
  • Choose select a file on your computer, and click browse to find an application.
  • Choose or type in a web site address, and then enter the complete site URL in the address field.
  • Click Ok.
  • Repeat step the above two steps for each button you want to reconfigure.
  • Click Ok when you are finished reconfiguring the keyboards.
Q- Why does keyboard not work? Even through the computer and display seem to work fine.
A- If the PC beeps repeatedly or if nothing happens when you press any keys, it's possible that the keyboard is connected improperly. Make sure the keyboard is connected to the keyboard port, not to the mouse port. If you need to reconnect these two cables, turn the computer off, reconnected the cables, and then turn the computer back on.

System Hang
It's possible that your system hangs. Then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously then go to the shut down bar from tab key & press to restart the system which is called as soft booting the system. If that doesn't work, press and hold the computer "ON" button until the screen is black (approximately five seconds)

Q- Why does my computer not make any sound?
  • Check the speaker connection. Note that: - in some system include an adaptor cable for the speakers. The left and right speaker's cables plug into the adaptor cable. The adaptor cable plugs into the speakers port on the back of the monitor.
  • Check whether the speakers are turned on (select models only).
  • Use the keyboard controls to increase the volume.
  • Press the mute button on the keyboard to see if the mute feature is enabled.
  • Click the volume icon on the taskbar. Increase the volume, and make sure the mute box is not checked.
Q - What could be the reason for the display monitor not working, even through the computer appears ON?
A -
  • Check the connection of the power cord into the display Monitor.
  • Ensure the monitor is turned on - it has its own power button.
  • Ensure the display power cord is plugged into a grounded outlet. Check where the outlet works by plugging another item into it. (If the light on the front of the display is lit, it is getting power)
  • Check the video interface cable connection between the monitor and the computer.
Q- What could be the reason for only the Mouse not working?
  • Ensure the mouse is connected to the mouse port and not the keyboard port. Reconnect these to cables, turn the computer OFF reconnect the cables, and then turn the computer ON again.
  • Ensure you are in the Windows desktop, not in MS - DOS (the MS - DOS interface a plain screen with a prompt that look like this: C :/>). If you are in MS- DOS, type Exit and press the enter key.
  • If the pointer doesn't move on the screen when you move the mouse, clean the mouse ball.
  • Remove the mouse ball by unscrewing the bottom of the mouse.
  • Clean the mouse ball with a damp cloth (not paper)
  • Use your finger to move the horizontal & vertical rollers in the mouse ball housing.
  • Replace the mouse ball, and re-fix the the cover.
  • Restart the computer by pressing and holding the computer ON button until the screen is black (approximately five seconds). Then restart the computer.
Q- Why is my system not able to boot from the floppy drive?
A- Check CMOS setup for drive type and boot up sequence.

Q- Why does the HDD controller fail start up?
  • First restart the computer & press DEL button immediately till it shows the setup then go the standard CMOS setup by arrow key and check the HDD status. If it does not appear there in the setup, Detect it by use the auto detect mode to detect the HDD.
  • When it detects in the setup then save & exit.
  • Reboot the system.
  • Also make sure the power connectors are securely plugged into the Hard disk.
  • Check the interface cable connection between the hard disk and the motherboard.
Q- Why is the CMOS setup gets corrupted?
A- Replace 3V battery or motherboard

Q- Hard Disc drive is excessively loud, what could be the reason?
A- Verify that the hard Disc drive is producing the noise and not a fan or CD/DVD drive:

Runs Disk Defragmentation - listen to the hard drive. Is the noise louder when Disk Defragmentation is running? If the noise is louder, the hard drive is probably causing the sound.
To verify this, turn off the computer, open the case, and disconnect the hard drive from the power supply.
Turn on the computer and listen for the noise. If the loud noise is gone, the hard drive needs to be examined.